Tuesday, June 19, 2012


When I first started boot camp, my instructor asked me if I was a "one dayer" or "two dayer" for my soreness.  Meaning, do I usually get sore the next day or does it take two days for my soreness to come on?  I told her that I never really realized, but thought I was more of a "one dayer."  Ever since she asked me, I would pay attention to my soreness.  I can definitely say that I am a "two dayer"  I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  I headed to hot yoga at 6 am and my body felt tight, but it wasn't sore.  Now, several hours later, it hurts to get off the couch and I can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow!  Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of being sore, but sometimes it gets uncomfortable after a certain point.  So what am I going to do to help my soreness??? I think my fiance and I will go for a short run this evening to loosen up my lactic acid.  My legs (quads) are the most sore part on my body.  My arms are a tad bit sore.  I really thought I would be more sore since I upped my weights last night.

Before hot yoga I needed a little pick me up, so for a quick bite I made some protein frosting and put them on a few crackers with blueberries.  After yoga was finished and I showered and headed to work I had a toasted peanut butter and jelly with a smashed banana spread inside.  It was so so so good!  I of course used my favorite organic peanut butter and sugar free jelly.

For lunch I made some tofu noodles (interesting) with spaghetti sauce.  It was decent.  Didn't eat a lot so after work came home and had some mango salsa....my favorite!

Plans for dinner included grilling out with John.  Planning on have some chicken and veggies!

Time to go stretch!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back at it!

Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  It's time for another week with lots going on.  I'm really loving how my weeks have been so busy lately;  It makes me feel important ;)

My Monday went a little something like this....

Woke up later than usual today and it hard for me to get out of bed!  I think the weekend has finally caught up to me.  Rolled out of bed at 6:20 and got ready for work.  I kissed my fiance goodbye and headed for work close to 7 am.  I worked 7 to 4:30 and while working I manged to run some errands and even relax at the pool for a bit ;) !!   I got home around 5, chatted with my sister on the phone, put on my work out clothes and headed to boot camp!  I didn't go to boot camp Saturday because my fiance wanted to get a run in with me.  Hey, they say compromise makes a great marriage! I go through with drawls when I can't go to my boot camp, so it felt amazing to get back at it tonight!

Boot camp started off with lots of leg work.  We did regular lungs, reverse lunges, reverse lunges with weights, wide lunges, pulse lunges, lunges with a resistance band and jump squats.  We then focused on arms.  My instructor made me up my weights, without choice, so it was very challenging tonight!  I loved every minute of it!  There is something about being pushed that I love so much. We then broke into partners and did lots of sprint work, push ups, sit ups, more lunges with medicine balls, reindeer runs, more jump squats and used the equalizers for our inner legs.  After partners we did whole group sprints and then finished with core.

For dinner I am doing my protein shake that I crave daily.  Not only do I love drinking these protein shakes because they are good for you, but they are AMAZING!  (email me if you want the recipe!)  After boot camp my instructor and I were talking about how these shakes are like our "crack".  We just can't get enough!

I found this quote and thought it was perfect for the week!

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

Push yourself each and every day!

My goals for the week:

1)  Cut back the alcohol, but don't stress over it on special occasions.  
Until I can learn to not put everything in my mouth when I am "buzzed", I am cutting back my alcohol intake :)

2)  Try to have my biggest meal of the day for breakfast and least for dinner.  

I will let you all know how these work for me! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week roundup

The week is winding down and that means time for a new week!  Like I have said before, I love Sundays.  Sundays are a day to relax but also figure out next weeks plans and goals and to start fresh!  

I have a couple goals in mind, but would really like to push myself this week, so I need to think extra hard!  Will get back to you tomorrow on this coming weeks goals.

I woke up this morning and had a big egg white tomato and onion omelet with a fruit bowl on the side. 

Then I headed to hot yoga and sweated out all the alcohol that I consumed last night while playing golf with my fiance.. Sorry to whomever was next to me ;)

Then John and I packed a cooler for lunch and headed to the pool.  We both took a nap and woke up and enjoyed our lunch poolside!

I am doing some work for a little bit while he is at his friends watching golf.  I'm about to head over there soon to grill out.

My week was fabulous!  Had such a great time with so many different people.

Here is a recap in pictures of some of the things I did this week!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Great times with friends

Last night our double date night was a lot of fun.  John and I enjoyed some great conversation with some great friends.  Sadly, the restaurant was a bust.  It was very hard to hear across the table unless you were screaming, the food was just okay, the portions were small and very expensive.   But, it just goes to show that the people that you surround yourself with can determine how your night goes. I had a fabulous time with our friends, even though the restaurant wasn't what we expected.

We sure did try to make the best of the restaurant by ordering some cocktails.

John got a mojito.

And I got a glass of pinot grigio.  I only had about half before I started getting heart burn and gave it to John to finish.

After dinner we still weren't full, so I suggested we run to the Fresh Market and grab a cupcake to share and then go get a cappuccino at Starbucks and enjoy our tasty dessert outside.

This morning John and I got up around 7 and headed out for a 4 mile run and then we went to a parking lot and did lots of sprints.  I loved how I felt when I was finished doing sprints.  John was pushing me and I love being pushed.  We then came home and I made him do several sit ups and push ups with me!  I promised him that if he did them with me, I would make an awesome breakfast for him.

Breakfast consisted of the stuffed banana french toast.  It was John's first time trying it and he LOVED them!  We had an apple and some watermelon on the side with some chocolate cocoa coffee!

I then headed to a bridal store with my good friend to help her pick out a bridesmaid dress for her wedding.  She picked out a stunning bridesmaid dress.  Love them!

I am exhausted at the moment and may take a cat nap before Johnny and I head out to the golf course to play 18 holes and get our drink on!!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stuffed french toast

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down on Friday!!

I just had the most amazing breakfast ever....and I made it!  It was so tasty, but is considered the best breakfast ever because it is also healthy!!

I made lightened up banana stuffed french toast.  Yummmmm.  I'm so full but want more!

I put some sugar free syrup on top and then added my bowl of fruit, of course!

These french toast are so easy to make!

What you will need (if making only for yourself!)
1 banana
2 slices of bread

(I of course made everything "healthier" by using 2 slices of low calories bread, egg whites and almond milk)

1) In a bowl smash a banana and add 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of splenda.  Mash together.
2) In another bowl combine 1 egg, 2 tbsp of milk, one tsp of splenda, and 1 tsp of cinnamon.
3) Put the banana spread in between two slices of bread.  Pack down like a sandwich.
4) In a narrow dish, place in "sandwich" and then pour half of the egg mixture on top of bread.  Flip bread around and coat on other side.
5) On the stove, cook each side of the bread for 3 minutes on medium heat.


I have a semi busy day today.  In about 5 minutes I will be headed out the door for more work training.  Then I have a doctors apt.  After that, more training I need to do online and I may just go to  Barnes and Noble and do work there.  I love that place!  Then home to clean and then get ready for a double date with my fiance and two of our other good friends!

Today is my day off from working out and my body most certainly needs it!  I am taking John for a morning run tomorrow and then he is taking me to the track to do lots of sprints!  I'm strangely looking forward to it!  I love being pushed.  

Have an amazing Friday!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tired Thursday!

This morning started off with me getting out of bed at 4:30 AM.  My alarm wasn't set until 5:15, but for some reason I couldn't sleep.  I went downstairs and made my keurig vanilla coffee, watched some news and had an apple and some puffed wheat cereal with a splash of almond milk.  I then got dressed and quietly left the house to head to boot camp.  

At boot camp our instructors focused today on cardio and core.  All week long I have been doing tons of core.  My core, and my entire body need a break.  I am taking tomorrow off from all exercises and I am not going to feel bad about it!  

After boot camp I went straight to work and got ready there.  I fixed myself an egg white omelet with a slice of american cheese and pico inside.  It was so good!  I of course topped the omelet with some ketchup and hot sauce!  For my fruit I went with a banana and grapes.  In case you can't tell, I eat a banana every morning for breakfast.  I love them so much that I get excited to wake up to eat my banana.  

I was on the go for the majority of the day, but finally am home and I am exhausted!  For dinner I threw in 2 pieces of chicken into the crock pot and will be having them with some mango salsa on top with corn on the cob as a side.  

I will be planted in front of the television all night and relaxing!

Busy day tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too much wine!!

Happy Hump Day!

Today started off with me being just a little hungover!  Last night I had a girls wine tasting night at my house and we sure did drink lots!  I didn't have a big dinner, so on about the 4th tasting, I was already feeling it!  Girls being girls, we chatted, drank, chatted some more and the glasses kept filling up! I had a great time with the ladies that came.  A few more ladies were suppose to come, but with busy schedules they couldn't all make it.

The first thing that I did this morning was drink several cups of water before having my morning coffee.  I wasn't in the mood to eat right away, so I ended up having breakfast around 8.  For breakfast I had my go to cheerios with sliced up banana and strawberries.  

I then went to work.

Got off work.

Ran to the grocery store for some veggies to put in my omelet for tomorrow.

Am sitting on the couch catching up on The Real Housewives of Orange County as I type this.

Headed to hot yoga tonight.

The best part of the day today will be with my fiance comes home!  I swear I'm such a little kid on the days he comes home from traveling for work.  We have a lot of "us" time planned this weekend!  I can't wait!

I am so sore from boot camp Monday and my circuit training yesterday.  My booty and chest are so sore that it hurts to touch.  Looks like John gets to massage me tonight!  For some reason I get pleasure out of being sore.  I think it is the feeling of knowing I worked my butt off.  Being sore also lets me know that I need to work those muscle more.  But the best part about being sore is the obvious..... massages!

Tonight for my workout I am only doing hot yoga.  I was going to go for a run before hand, but my legs need a break and plus I have boot camp first thing in the AM.  

Gotta go get my hydrate on so I don't pass out at yoga!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yummy Pizza!

My Tuesday is going swell!

It started off with some Hot Yoga, like I posted earlier, and then my protein shake was extra creamy today, showered, took my yummy coffee with me in my car and was headed to work training.   Training was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  

I then came home and made the most yummy pizza!  I used a tortilla shell, marina sauce, sliced up a whole tomato, added some shredded cheese, and topped it with some pico.  I am OBSESSED with pico and could eat it on anything!  Once the pizza came out of the oven I added some red pepper and a little hot sauce.  So so so so so tasty!!

After catching up on my show from last night, I will be headed out to my garage for some circuit training. Originally,  I was only going to do hot yoga today, but I just realized I can't make one of my exercises classes Thursday and with having girls over tonight for wine, I figured I might as well utilize my free time.   I plan on doing lots of squats and focusing on my triceps.  My chest and core is so sore from last nights class.  I usually do 6o seconds intense, 30 seconds rest.  

This may be the circuit training program that I will be following today:

jumping jacks
tricep dips
high knees
side plank right
ski jumps
side plank left
tricep extension with free weights
curtsy lunges
sit ups


I am very excited for tonight!  I am having a girls wine tasting night at my house.  I registered for mini wine glasses, and already received them in the mail.  Every girl is bringing a bottle of wine and a description of that wine.  We will taste all the wines and rank which one is our favorite!  Of course we will have the typical wine foods... some cheese, crackers, grapes.  I'll let you know how wine night turns out!

Holy Hotness Yoga

This morning I woke up early to go to hot yoga.  My internal alarm clock went off at 5 am and I was up and at it.  I made some coffee, watched some news, ate some fruit and was headed out the door.  I met my friend for 60 minutes of hot yoga that focuses on your core.  Today was a challenging class!  I was already sore in my core from boot camp yesterday, so when the instructor kept having us crunch out our abs, and keep going, and keep going, it BURNED!  It felt so great though.  By the time class was ending, I was drenched in my own sweat.

I am now enjoying a protein shake and the news before I head to a work training for a few hours.

will check in later.

Have a great Tuesday!

ps, it's National Peanut Butter Cookie Day.  So go get your cookie on. ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Double time.

I hope you all were off to a great week.  Today I did a whole lot of nothing!  I went shopping for some new work dresses and then to get some new workout shorts.  All mine are getting too big!  What a great feeling.  When I got back home, I decided to watch tv for a couple of hours and just enjoy my "me" time.

At lunch I was craving mexican, so I made myself a healthy taco salad.  I used a ton of lettuce, diced up tomatoes, non fat cheese, some crushed up baked tortillas, lots of salsa and pico.  It was so yummy and filled me up for the entire afternoon.

It started pouring around 4 pm.  My boot camp class is outside, but we have a pavilion we can go under when it rains.  I knew that with the rain we would be under the pavilion and that meant not a lot of cardio.  I decided to go get in a quick run before heading to boot camp.  I ran 4 miles then headed over to get my boot camp on.  We focused lots of arms and core.  It was such a good work out.  I came home and made myself my favorite protein shake!  It's like a dessert to me.  So yummy!!!

Well I am out.  I need go to drink lots of water and try to go to sleep.  Meeting my friend at hot yoga at 6 am!  Can't wait!

Have a great night y'all!

Goals, breakfast and cupcakes.

Happy Monday!

Time to start a new week.  Be all that you can be and start it off right!  I always feel as though if I start my Monday off right, then it makes the rest of the week easier to stay focused.  Sunday night I always write goals for myself for that upcoming week.   This usually keeps me focused on working my butt off from the get go and becoming a better person.  John, my fiance, always writes one personal goal for me.  He has been so great on helping me with this whole fitness, lifestyle change.  He does miss the fact that we don't go out and get chicken wings on Fridays, but, he has been such a great sport.  He is one of the most driven people that I know, and that alone helps me be a better person.  If he doesn't go to the gym 6 times a week like me, he reinforces me that as I'm at the gym "sweating my ass off, he's at work, working his ass off!"  My work schedule is very flexible, so it's easy for me to get work outs in. His job is demanding and he is always traveling, so it's much harder for him.

And by the way, he will get his fair share of chicken wings when we return back to Buffalo, NY here very soon!

Surprisingly, I got the day off today and I am not complaining.  I worked most of the weekend and last night I was exhausted.  I came home to a incredibly clean house.  John cleaned everything from the floors, counter tops, bathrooms, laundry and watered the yard.  What a gentleman!  Since I have the day off, I think I may enjoy some "me" time because this week is CRAZY busy again.  I am starting to embrace my busy weeks.  I thoroughly enjoy being on a routine, trying new things, being on the go and having the best week possible.  So today may just mean running to the grocery store to get things for girls night tomorrow (I'm hosting), catching up on my shows, reading my daily blogs that I love so much, going for a walk, doing some wedding stuff and then heading to boot camp.  

Today for breakfast I had....

French vanilla coffee, fruit and a thin bagel and cream cheese.  

I originally had my mind set on having "lightened up french toast", but John forgot to pick up bread from the store when he went grocery shopping yesterday!  So I will just grab bread at the store today and make it sometime this week.  I'll share the recipe later in the week.  It's so yummy!

This weeks goals:

1) Go to Hot Yoga at least twice this week!
2)  Focus on triceps!  

1) Kiss more!  (you can never kiss enough!)
2)  John's goal for me??? Waiting on that text at the moment!

Here's a recap of last week in pictures...

Ang (left) and I at John's bday bash.  

Cupcakes for the birthday boy.

Pool day!

Make the most of your week! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday-favorite day of the week!


I'm sure some of you are getting sad that the weekend is almost over, me on the other hand, love Sundays! Sundays usually are a day of relaxation with my love.  We typically like to have a big breakfast outside, go golfing, go for long walks, or have a picnic in the park.  On rare occasions, we don't leave the couch all day (last sunday)!  I always look forward to starting a new week.  This means setting new goals for myself, coming up with new workouts, trying new things, starting the week with a positive attitude, writing my grocery list for the week, and writing in my planner.  Sundays always start with a big cup (or two or today three) of coffee and then I'm ready to tackle the day!

Today is not a normal Sunday.  If I had it my way, I would have had my breakfast with John outside, watched some news, we would have went grocery shopping together, and then we probably would have taken our lunch to the pool and relaxed all afternoon, gone for a walk or run and then finished the night off with some grilling and watching a movie.  Well that's not happening because I have to do some work today, run lots of errands on the other side of town, and wont be home until after dinner.  Let's just say that I am really looking forward to next weekend!

Breakfast today consisted of an egg white sandwich with a bowl of mixed fruit.

Workout today will be NOTHING!  Today is my day off.  If I have time tonight when I get home, we may go for a walk?  We will have to see.

Have a great Sunday!  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I love summer time!

What is it about summer that we all love so much?  It could be a week night, coming home from a crappy day at work, but the thought of it being summer just puts me in a relaxed, laid back mood.  The strange thing about summer to me, is that I typically stress less, but my schedule is much more hectic.  I would say that the reasoning behind this is seeing everyone out in our neighborhood walking the dogs, neighbors having a BBQ, friends just popping in to enjoy a cold one, beach weekends, pool time, golfing, reading easy summer reads, traveling, tennis... the list could go on and on.

Today I had an AHHHH HAAAAA summer moment.  I was watching tv outside and just thought to myself, "this is awesome."  Golfers were out on the course, people were walking their dogs and the sun was shining!

My day went like this...

Morning, I woke up extra early because I couldn't wait in bed any longer to have my cup of "Build me up peanut butter cup."  I have to admit that I was disappointed in my first time trying it.  I didn't quite taste the peanut butter taste that I was so hoping for.  Tomorrow I will try it again and hopefully my taste buds will pick it up the second time around!

Then I had to do some work, next some cleaning, headed to lunch at The California Pizza Kitchen with 4 others, then pool time.  At lunch my fiance and I split a Hawaiian BBQ pizza and side salads.  I haven't had pizza in quite some time and it definitely hit the spot.  My pizza fix is fixed for a while!

It was hot here today, around 90 degrees.  I applied sunscreen, read my book and ended up taking a little cat nap.  Then it was on to some more work, some more cleaning, making dinner, getting a run in and then finally eating dinner.

For my workout I got in 4 miles of sprint intervals.  I didn't have time to do more, but I was proud of myself because I really pushed myself in my sprints and I felt like I could run for while longer.  That is always a great feeling!  I chose to do intervals knowing that I didn't have time for a long run.

I am looking forward to making many new memories this summer with John and all the new neighbors we met since moving into our neighborhood in January.  John and I traveled a lot last year and this year should be very similar.  Soon, we are headed to Chicago, NY and Atlanta all in one week for two weddings and knocking out some wedding planning while in NY.   We had an amazing summer last year and were constantly on the go.  We went to Wilmington, NC, Buffalo, NY, The Outer Banks, NC, Michigan, Las Vegas, and Washington DC.   I can only imagine what this summer has in store for us!

One of my favorite pictures of us from last year. 

Overdressed and overeducated.

One of my all time favorite sayings is...

I feel as though you should always go out in public looking presentable.  This doesn't mean you have to wear 6 inch stilettos, instead, it could be a pair of khaki shorts, simple white tee and flat sandals.  When I was in college, I totally was that girl that rolled into class with my baggiest sweatpants, sweatshirt, hair up, no makeup on.  It wasn't until I moved down south after college that I started caring about how I dressed when I left the house.  Don't get me wrong, when I would go out in college I would put on my heels, skinny jeans, nice shirt, or dress, but I didn't care to put myself together for class or meeting my friends for lunch.  As soon as I moved down to North Carolina, I met a family who looks like they could go up to the country club at any time of the day...even their PJ's consisted of khaki pants sometimes!  They taught me that you never know who you are going to meet,  who you will make an impression on and what connections can do for you in your life.  When you think about the big picture of life, it really is all about the connections you make and people you know.  My thought process changed on how I decide to dress.  I love the feeling of getting my morning started after I put on my nice clothes for the day.  I feel ready to take on the day and ready to meet whomever may cross my path.  I do not dress to impress because I care so much about how I look, I do it more for the feeling I get when I look presentable and for the fact that you never know who you may meet and where that could take you!

I can honestly say that since living in the south, my style has changed!  Most people down here in North Carolina look very nice when headed out.  Most girls wear dresses when going out for a night out on the town, to work, or running errands.  These dresses usually consist of sundresses, dresses with prints (Lilly Pulitzer), or very simple and casual dresses that you can dress up or down.  The men typically wear more khakis than they do back in Michigan, where I'm originally from.  My fiance was born and raised in New York, but I swear he must have been born down south!  He always wears bright colored shorts and a bright shirt.  He loves the store Vineyard Vines, as do I!  It wasn't until I met him that I really started embracing the southern boy style;  It definitely took me some time getting use to.  Now I find myself going towards the colored clothes, collared shirts, and simple jewelry.  I am embracing becoming a "southerner!"

If I could sum up my style in 3 words they would be...

SIMPLE!- I love simplicity.  I usually wear one ring (my engagement ring) and a skinny watch, khaki shorts, shirt, and simple "T" sandals, with little makeup and my hair is usually straight down or in a low pony (this is because I cannot do hair!!)

VERSATILE-  I love wearing sundresses, mostly because they are so comfortable, but also because you can wear a sundress to work, meet friends for happy hour, and then keep it on for date night.

SOUTHERN-  I really have been into the bright colors, cardigans, and anything that looks preppy. Think of Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, LL Bean type of look.  If only dressing preppy didn't cost so much!

Here are some looks that I love <3

I would wear this outfit everyday if I knew I wouldn't see the same people!  This outfit is adorable because it is simple, cute and you can dress it up with a nice purse, or grab your clutch and meet your girlfriends for dinner.  LOVE IT.  

Love how this dress is asymmetrical and love the print.  Great for a night out on the town.  

LOVE ME SOME SEERSUCKER!  This is a typically southern dress and I love the belt and ruffles.  Such a cute date night dress. 


Friday, June 8, 2012

Peanut butter COFFEE!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday and enjoying your cosmos or whatever you may be indulging in!     My Friday consisted of working, running around, catching up on my book, dinner, doing more errands, cleaning and finally getting a work out in.  My work out was not ideal, but by the time I put my running shoes on, it was already 8:45 pm.  I was exhausted from the day and was still very full from dinner, so I ran a fast 3 miles and called it a day.  Today was suppose to be my day off from working out, but for some reason I have a hard time taking time off if I can find time to get some sort of work out in.   Sunday can be my day off ;)

For lunch today I made a grilled turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich, with a side salad.

 As I was reading a fitness blog today, I came across a post about peanut butter coffee.  Julie, from the blog "peanut butter fingers" (www.pbfingers.com), wrote about finding a coffee called, "Build me up Peanut Butter Cup" from The Fresh Market.  Within 5 minutes I grabbed my keys, wallet and was out the door to Fresh Market to pick me up a bag.  I cannot wait to go to bed so I can wake up and try this!  I love me some coffee and love peanut butter even more;  I have a feeling this is going to be a real hit.  Hopefully it doesn't let me down!

If you all haven't checked out pbfingers.com, you need to!  Julie is one of the reasons that I started writing this blog.  She blogs daily about her workouts and meals.  I have taken some exercises from her workouts and incorporated them in mine.  I even tried making some of her recipes and they have turned out very nice!

Have a great night, stay out late, have an extra cosmo, chocolate covered strawberry, or whatever you little heart desires.  I on the other hand will be headed for bed here shortly.  Have to get up bright and early tomorrow for another busy day!

Sometimes I love being busy, but I can say that I am very excited for a low key weekend next week.

Be the master of your own fate.

Happy happy Friday!

I hope you all had a great Thursday and looking forward to great weekend.  My weekend is super busy and not the busy that I like.  I will be working a lot this weekend, but will try to make the most of it!  Yesterday I had some down time, so I decided to go to the pool for a few hours and catch up on my reading ;)

I then decided that I was going to order lunch up at the pool and chose a grilled chicken sandwich because I was getting tired of eating salad all week and everything else on the menu was fried food.

Well..... one person I was with at the pool ordered chicken fingers and fries.  They were full and going to throw the left over fries away, so what do I do??? I dig right it in.  Immediately when I was finished throwing them in my mouth, I was so mad at myself!  I was already full, I hardly ever eat fried food and I was in a swimsuit!  I then had to remind myself that I do work my ass off at the gym usually 6 days a week, so I deserve to be rewarded....  but maybe next time I can have a few instead of finishing the plate!

Right after lunch, when I was still a little upset with my lack of self determination, my boot camp instructor updated her facebook with a quote.

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." Push yourself to the max and never hold back." Be the masters of your own fate."

When I read this quote, I thought to myself, "I am the master of my own fate.  No one else forces me to work out, no one else forces food in my mouth, I am strong, I can do this.  I will be better tomorrow."  I needed this quote to remember that we all have our bad days, but we must pick ourselves up the next day and move forward.  Sometimes it takes having a bad day to feel like crap and get back on track!  Like I said, yes, we need to be rewarded and live life, but I rather reward myself on date night with a nice dessert than shoving my face with fries when I am already full!  

So when you are feeling like you don't want to go to the gym or you want those 15 chicken wings, remember to yourself that you are the master of your own fate.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wide awake!

Hi all!

So glad it is Thursday!  This means that my fiance is coming home today!

This morning I got up at 5am for boot camp.  I surprisingly was wide awake and ready to go.  I grabbed an apple and some coffee before heading out to a park where I do an all girls boot camp.  I am obsessed with this class;  It seriously has changed my life!  I will post at a later time about this "booty camp" that I love so much!

At boot camp we did lots of exercises on the stabilizer, equalizer, resistance band, medicine ball and free weights.  I was a little tight in my legs and hips from hot yoga last night and still sore in my back from Monday's boot camp.  The hardest part of boot camp for me was doing "flys" with our free weights.  Like I said, I am still super sore from Monday, so I could definitely feel the burn!  Looks as though John will have to give me a massage tonight. ;)  At the end of boot camp, I knew I had to leave about 5 minutes early to make it to work on time, but when the instructor told me the last 5 minutes were abs, I stayed.  I figured I would shorten my shower! ;)

I love getting a hard workout in first thing in the morning.  I feel great all day and knowing that I will have downtime at night is also a great feeling..... especially after a long day of work.


For breakfast I made an egg white bagel sandwich with hot sauce and a bowl of strawberries, grapes, blackberries and raspberries!  So good.   Oh, and I had the rest of my coffee that I didn't finish from earlier.

I may be back later if I have some free time.  If not, have a GREAT afternoon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When in doubt...

Happy national running day!  As soon as I found out today was national running day, I knew I had to get a quick run in!  I headed out for  run before getting my hot yoga on.   The run was short (about 3 miles) but I upped my pace and chose a hilly route.

On to hot yoga.....
This was my first time ever doing hot yoga and boy am I hooked!  I love nothing more than sweating my butt off from a workout.  Flexibility is not one of my strong points, so to have a workout where I am literately dripping sweat and working on my flexibility felt AMAZING!

A little quote to end the day:

My friend Mariah posted this picture today on facebook. 

I absolutely cherish this quote.  When you have love, in whatever that may be, your life has a sense of fulfillment.  Do things you love, surround yourself with the people you love, and love unconditionally.  If you do that, you will live one happy life.

I choose you. <3

Enough with the sappiness...I just really miss my man today. 

laughing, gossiping, and my love.

Last night I had SUCH  a good time with my neighborhood girls.  Sarah made dinner while everyone else brought a bottle of wine.  Lots of wine was consumed by the end of the night!  It was a great night of drinking, laughing, gossiping, sharing love advice, marriage advice, shedding a few tears and laughing some more.  These are my favorite type of nights.  I love to be with my fiance John most of the time, but don't we all love a girls night out here and there?!  John actually travels for work from time to time, so this opens up my schedule for weekly girl nights.   Last night John actually surprised me and came home for the night to spend some QT time with me, since he has been traveling more frequently.  He knew I had girl night planned, but thought after girls night that we could watch our show together and hang out.  Well..... our girls night lasted a lot longer than normal and by the time I got home Johnny was asleep!

My awesome "neighbs!"

Breakfast this summer consisted of fiber one honey squares, sliced up bananas and strawberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!  I have been obsessed with this meal lately.  

Today's workout will be a 60 min hot yoga session that focuses on your core.  My friend and I are going to this class together later tonight and I am slightly nervous because this will be my first time at a HOT yoga session!  (will blog about the workout after!)

Ending this blog with a photo of John to make my day!  Isn't he presh?!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why sweat and a sundress??

Why did I choose the name "Sweat and a Sundress" for the name of my blog?  Well, I love nothing more than sweating my butt off and then when I'm done with that athletic side of me for the day, I love to throw on a sundress and go out with my man!  A sundress is my usual go to for a girls night, date night or night out on the town.  They are so comfy and cute.  You can dress them up, or down!

So here I am today right before getting my "sweat" on.  I had to read some blogs in order to get me in the mood to go work out.  Once I hit the pavement I was good to go.

There is a very pretty country club not even a mile form our house, so I headed out for a run along the golf course.  It was a hilly, 45 minute run.  I then came home and did 15 minutes of circuit training in the garage.  I usually do a full minute as intense as possible, and then 30 seconds rest.  Circuit training at home usually consist of burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope, sit ups, push ups and whatever other combinations I come up with!

And then here is a picture of me on date night with a "sundress" on.  My fiance surprised me by taking me to a farm in the middle of the country where they have an old barn as a restaurant and outdoor seating with bands, beer and wine, a coffee shop, bookstore and a deli.  It's such a cute little farm/neighborhood!

Now it is time to catch up on my shows and then tonight I am headed down to another house in our cal-de-sac for a neighborhood, girls cooking night!

Coffee, first.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hope you are all having a fabulous morning!  It looks as though it is going to be a beautiful day here in NC.  The weather for today is predicted to be around 75 degrees and sunny.  After Live With Kelly is over I am going to head out for a run and then to the pool for some R&R.  This week is a busy one for me, so I might as well take advantage of some down time before I don't have any for a while!

I slept like crap last night.  Usually on Tuesday's I try to wake up when my fiance does and head out for a run.  I absolutely LOVE the feeling of getting my workout in first thing in the AM, having a huge breakfast and enjoying the rest of my day knowing I will have some down time with my fiance or girls night after work.  Today I opted to sleep in and so glad I decided that after last nights sleep.

My breakfast today consisted of an wheat english muffin with organic peanut butter, cinnamon and a drizzle of sugar free syrup on top.  I added a huge bowl of sliced banana and strawberries and a french vanilla coffee from the keurig!

Weekly Goals

Every week I set goals for myself.  I usually do a couple fitness goals and  personal goals.   I try to be the best me possible and sometimes it takes setting those goals to realize there are things that I need to work on.   Here are this weeks goals.

1) Do more push ups!  (I love, love, love doing push ups, but there is always room to do more!)

2) Do not over indulge!  (This past weekend was my fiance's birthday  and we had people over.  Once I got to the really "buzzed" point at the end of the night, I indulged on all the unhealthy food that was out.  Did not feel great the next day.... )

1)  BE MORE POSITIVE.   I have noticed myself lately getting frustrated with wedding planning.  I am planning a wedding that will be taking place in New York in my fiance's hometown (which I have only been to twice), and I live in North Carolina.  Let's just say this wedding planning ordeal has not been easy!  My fiance and I sat down the other day and we agreed that we must enjoy the process even when it sucks trying to please everyone else, or we will look back and regret not enjoying these moments.   So, I'm going to be more positiver planning this wedding and anything else that doesn't go as planned!

2) Don't go shopping!  hahaha.  I'll take the week off from buying something new!

Question for all of you!
Have any of you planned a wedding out of state?  If so, what suggestions/recommendations/tips can you give me?!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Today's workout consisted of a 60 min circuit training.   The instructor focused a ton on arms and cardio.   When I go to this workout I love to get my butt kicked.  Tonight sure did just that.   We used the kettle bell, equalizers, weights, resistance bands and medicine balls.  We started with cardio, went into an arm burnout, core, back to cardio (may suicides) and then ended with core.The temp outside was around 80 degrees and the sun was out.  Ohhhhh, how I love the feeling after a sweaty workout.

The picture below is what I had for lunch today.

A salad with chicken, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, with raspberry vinaigrette mixed with poppy seed dressing!!  I also had my go to yogurt as well!  yum yum.

I have been drinking lots of water today to try and flush all the alcohol out of my system from this past weekend festivities!


Hi all!

Welcome to "sweat and a sundress."  This will be a "semi" daily blog that is about fitness, healthy eating and fashion (my 3 favorite things)!!

The idea of starting a blog came to me one day when I needed that extra motivation to go to the gym, and started looking online for something to push me out the door.  I came across a blog where a girl post every morning about her workouts and what she eats for breakfast.  I thought writing a blog like hers would be a great idea because when people start to follow you, they expect you to get that great workout in and see what you are eating that day!  So, this blog is mostly to motivate myself, but hopefully it can get to the point where it motivates other people.  If you are reading my blog and you find it motivation, please please please email me  (sweatandasundress.gmail.com ) and let me know.  I always love helping other people.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I 26 years old.  Last fall I got engaged to the man of my dreams.  I always knew that when I was going to get married that I wanted to be in great shape.  I want to look back at those photos and say to myself, "Wow, I worked my booty off for that wedding and I think I look good!"  When my fiance proposed, I knew it was time to get focused and work my butt off!  Since I was very young, I have been athletic.  I was pushed to go to practice, tournaments, pick up games, and off season training every day from the ages of 5 until college.  After college I was so sick of working out.  It turned out to be not so much fun anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I would work out when I got the itch, but that itch was maybe once or twice of week.  It wasn't until I moved down South on my own and didn't know anyone in my new city where I found myself bored.  I got that itch again to go in the gym.  I started running more and training for a half marathon.  In that year I ran 6 races, 3 of them being half marathons.  Then, I got sick of running and starting changing up my workouts but wasn't as determined to push myself.  When I got engaged I knew it was time for a lifestyle change and that is where I am now!

Starting in January I started changing how I eat and my mentality of working out.  I wanted to make this change for myself forever.  I was very focused on watching what I was putting in my body and changing my workouts on a daily basis.  I saw the scale go down and my muscles start to show!  I still have things I want to work on, but all in all, I am much happier with myself !  I will write in a later blog more about my experience over the past 6 months, more about myself and tell you a little more about my amazing fiance!