Friday, June 8, 2012

Be the master of your own fate.

Happy happy Friday!

I hope you all had a great Thursday and looking forward to great weekend.  My weekend is super busy and not the busy that I like.  I will be working a lot this weekend, but will try to make the most of it!  Yesterday I had some down time, so I decided to go to the pool for a few hours and catch up on my reading ;)

I then decided that I was going to order lunch up at the pool and chose a grilled chicken sandwich because I was getting tired of eating salad all week and everything else on the menu was fried food.

Well..... one person I was with at the pool ordered chicken fingers and fries.  They were full and going to throw the left over fries away, so what do I do??? I dig right it in.  Immediately when I was finished throwing them in my mouth, I was so mad at myself!  I was already full, I hardly ever eat fried food and I was in a swimsuit!  I then had to remind myself that I do work my ass off at the gym usually 6 days a week, so I deserve to be rewarded....  but maybe next time I can have a few instead of finishing the plate!

Right after lunch, when I was still a little upset with my lack of self determination, my boot camp instructor updated her facebook with a quote.

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." Push yourself to the max and never hold back." Be the masters of your own fate."

When I read this quote, I thought to myself, "I am the master of my own fate.  No one else forces me to work out, no one else forces food in my mouth, I am strong, I can do this.  I will be better tomorrow."  I needed this quote to remember that we all have our bad days, but we must pick ourselves up the next day and move forward.  Sometimes it takes having a bad day to feel like crap and get back on track!  Like I said, yes, we need to be rewarded and live life, but I rather reward myself on date night with a nice dessert than shoving my face with fries when I am already full!  

So when you are feeling like you don't want to go to the gym or you want those 15 chicken wings, remember to yourself that you are the master of your own fate.

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