Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why sweat and a sundress??

Why did I choose the name "Sweat and a Sundress" for the name of my blog?  Well, I love nothing more than sweating my butt off and then when I'm done with that athletic side of me for the day, I love to throw on a sundress and go out with my man!  A sundress is my usual go to for a girls night, date night or night out on the town.  They are so comfy and cute.  You can dress them up, or down!

So here I am today right before getting my "sweat" on.  I had to read some blogs in order to get me in the mood to go work out.  Once I hit the pavement I was good to go.

There is a very pretty country club not even a mile form our house, so I headed out for a run along the golf course.  It was a hilly, 45 minute run.  I then came home and did 15 minutes of circuit training in the garage.  I usually do a full minute as intense as possible, and then 30 seconds rest.  Circuit training at home usually consist of burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope, sit ups, push ups and whatever other combinations I come up with!

And then here is a picture of me on date night with a "sundress" on.  My fiance surprised me by taking me to a farm in the middle of the country where they have an old barn as a restaurant and outdoor seating with bands, beer and wine, a coffee shop, bookstore and a deli.  It's such a cute little farm/neighborhood!

Now it is time to catch up on my shows and then tonight I am headed down to another house in our cal-de-sac for a neighborhood, girls cooking night!


  1. Hello!! I found you via girl meets life.. :)

    Welcome to the blogging world. I too, have just started. :) Don't you look snazzy in your sundress.. I love the country - your date night sounds amazing.

  2. Hey hey!

    ahaha thanks. Yes, it is always nice to step away from the craziness and head to the country. Thanks for checking out my blog!