Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When in doubt...

Happy national running day!  As soon as I found out today was national running day, I knew I had to get a quick run in!  I headed out for  run before getting my hot yoga on.   The run was short (about 3 miles) but I upped my pace and chose a hilly route.

On to hot yoga.....
This was my first time ever doing hot yoga and boy am I hooked!  I love nothing more than sweating my butt off from a workout.  Flexibility is not one of my strong points, so to have a workout where I am literately dripping sweat and working on my flexibility felt AMAZING!

A little quote to end the day:

My friend Mariah posted this picture today on facebook. 

I absolutely cherish this quote.  When you have love, in whatever that may be, your life has a sense of fulfillment.  Do things you love, surround yourself with the people you love, and love unconditionally.  If you do that, you will live one happy life.

I choose you. <3

Enough with the sappiness...I just really miss my man today. 

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