Friday, June 8, 2012

Peanut butter COFFEE!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday and enjoying your cosmos or whatever you may be indulging in!     My Friday consisted of working, running around, catching up on my book, dinner, doing more errands, cleaning and finally getting a work out in.  My work out was not ideal, but by the time I put my running shoes on, it was already 8:45 pm.  I was exhausted from the day and was still very full from dinner, so I ran a fast 3 miles and called it a day.  Today was suppose to be my day off from working out, but for some reason I have a hard time taking time off if I can find time to get some sort of work out in.   Sunday can be my day off ;)

For lunch today I made a grilled turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich, with a side salad.

 As I was reading a fitness blog today, I came across a post about peanut butter coffee.  Julie, from the blog "peanut butter fingers" (, wrote about finding a coffee called, "Build me up Peanut Butter Cup" from The Fresh Market.  Within 5 minutes I grabbed my keys, wallet and was out the door to Fresh Market to pick me up a bag.  I cannot wait to go to bed so I can wake up and try this!  I love me some coffee and love peanut butter even more;  I have a feeling this is going to be a real hit.  Hopefully it doesn't let me down!

If you all haven't checked out, you need to!  Julie is one of the reasons that I started writing this blog.  She blogs daily about her workouts and meals.  I have taken some exercises from her workouts and incorporated them in mine.  I even tried making some of her recipes and they have turned out very nice!

Have a great night, stay out late, have an extra cosmo, chocolate covered strawberry, or whatever you little heart desires.  I on the other hand will be headed for bed here shortly.  Have to get up bright and early tomorrow for another busy day!

Sometimes I love being busy, but I can say that I am very excited for a low key weekend next week.

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  1. Too funny! I saw it on Julies blog as well and googled it, brought me to your blog :)
    It's not in season right now? (March)