Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coffee, first.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hope you are all having a fabulous morning!  It looks as though it is going to be a beautiful day here in NC.  The weather for today is predicted to be around 75 degrees and sunny.  After Live With Kelly is over I am going to head out for a run and then to the pool for some R&R.  This week is a busy one for me, so I might as well take advantage of some down time before I don't have any for a while!

I slept like crap last night.  Usually on Tuesday's I try to wake up when my fiance does and head out for a run.  I absolutely LOVE the feeling of getting my workout in first thing in the AM, having a huge breakfast and enjoying the rest of my day knowing I will have some down time with my fiance or girls night after work.  Today I opted to sleep in and so glad I decided that after last nights sleep.

My breakfast today consisted of an wheat english muffin with organic peanut butter, cinnamon and a drizzle of sugar free syrup on top.  I added a huge bowl of sliced banana and strawberries and a french vanilla coffee from the keurig!

Weekly Goals

Every week I set goals for myself.  I usually do a couple fitness goals and  personal goals.   I try to be the best me possible and sometimes it takes setting those goals to realize there are things that I need to work on.   Here are this weeks goals.

1) Do more push ups!  (I love, love, love doing push ups, but there is always room to do more!)

2) Do not over indulge!  (This past weekend was my fiance's birthday  and we had people over.  Once I got to the really "buzzed" point at the end of the night, I indulged on all the unhealthy food that was out.  Did not feel great the next day.... )

1)  BE MORE POSITIVE.   I have noticed myself lately getting frustrated with wedding planning.  I am planning a wedding that will be taking place in New York in my fiance's hometown (which I have only been to twice), and I live in North Carolina.  Let's just say this wedding planning ordeal has not been easy!  My fiance and I sat down the other day and we agreed that we must enjoy the process even when it sucks trying to please everyone else, or we will look back and regret not enjoying these moments.   So, I'm going to be more positiver planning this wedding and anything else that doesn't go as planned!

2) Don't go shopping!  hahaha.  I'll take the week off from buying something new!

Question for all of you!
Have any of you planned a wedding out of state?  If so, what suggestions/recommendations/tips can you give me?!!

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