Monday, June 11, 2012

Goals, breakfast and cupcakes.

Happy Monday!

Time to start a new week.  Be all that you can be and start it off right!  I always feel as though if I start my Monday off right, then it makes the rest of the week easier to stay focused.  Sunday night I always write goals for myself for that upcoming week.   This usually keeps me focused on working my butt off from the get go and becoming a better person.  John, my fiance, always writes one personal goal for me.  He has been so great on helping me with this whole fitness, lifestyle change.  He does miss the fact that we don't go out and get chicken wings on Fridays, but, he has been such a great sport.  He is one of the most driven people that I know, and that alone helps me be a better person.  If he doesn't go to the gym 6 times a week like me, he reinforces me that as I'm at the gym "sweating my ass off, he's at work, working his ass off!"  My work schedule is very flexible, so it's easy for me to get work outs in. His job is demanding and he is always traveling, so it's much harder for him.

And by the way, he will get his fair share of chicken wings when we return back to Buffalo, NY here very soon!

Surprisingly, I got the day off today and I am not complaining.  I worked most of the weekend and last night I was exhausted.  I came home to a incredibly clean house.  John cleaned everything from the floors, counter tops, bathrooms, laundry and watered the yard.  What a gentleman!  Since I have the day off, I think I may enjoy some "me" time because this week is CRAZY busy again.  I am starting to embrace my busy weeks.  I thoroughly enjoy being on a routine, trying new things, being on the go and having the best week possible.  So today may just mean running to the grocery store to get things for girls night tomorrow (I'm hosting), catching up on my shows, reading my daily blogs that I love so much, going for a walk, doing some wedding stuff and then heading to boot camp.  

Today for breakfast I had....

French vanilla coffee, fruit and a thin bagel and cream cheese.  

I originally had my mind set on having "lightened up french toast", but John forgot to pick up bread from the store when he went grocery shopping yesterday!  So I will just grab bread at the store today and make it sometime this week.  I'll share the recipe later in the week.  It's so yummy!

This weeks goals:

1) Go to Hot Yoga at least twice this week!
2)  Focus on triceps!  

1) Kiss more!  (you can never kiss enough!)
2)  John's goal for me??? Waiting on that text at the moment!

Here's a recap of last week in pictures...

Ang (left) and I at John's bday bash.  

Cupcakes for the birthday boy.

Pool day!

Make the most of your week! 

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