Saturday, June 9, 2012

I love summer time!

What is it about summer that we all love so much?  It could be a week night, coming home from a crappy day at work, but the thought of it being summer just puts me in a relaxed, laid back mood.  The strange thing about summer to me, is that I typically stress less, but my schedule is much more hectic.  I would say that the reasoning behind this is seeing everyone out in our neighborhood walking the dogs, neighbors having a BBQ, friends just popping in to enjoy a cold one, beach weekends, pool time, golfing, reading easy summer reads, traveling, tennis... the list could go on and on.

Today I had an AHHHH HAAAAA summer moment.  I was watching tv outside and just thought to myself, "this is awesome."  Golfers were out on the course, people were walking their dogs and the sun was shining!

My day went like this...

Morning, I woke up extra early because I couldn't wait in bed any longer to have my cup of "Build me up peanut butter cup."  I have to admit that I was disappointed in my first time trying it.  I didn't quite taste the peanut butter taste that I was so hoping for.  Tomorrow I will try it again and hopefully my taste buds will pick it up the second time around!

Then I had to do some work, next some cleaning, headed to lunch at The California Pizza Kitchen with 4 others, then pool time.  At lunch my fiance and I split a Hawaiian BBQ pizza and side salads.  I haven't had pizza in quite some time and it definitely hit the spot.  My pizza fix is fixed for a while!

It was hot here today, around 90 degrees.  I applied sunscreen, read my book and ended up taking a little cat nap.  Then it was on to some more work, some more cleaning, making dinner, getting a run in and then finally eating dinner.

For my workout I got in 4 miles of sprint intervals.  I didn't have time to do more, but I was proud of myself because I really pushed myself in my sprints and I felt like I could run for while longer.  That is always a great feeling!  I chose to do intervals knowing that I didn't have time for a long run.

I am looking forward to making many new memories this summer with John and all the new neighbors we met since moving into our neighborhood in January.  John and I traveled a lot last year and this year should be very similar.  Soon, we are headed to Chicago, NY and Atlanta all in one week for two weddings and knocking out some wedding planning while in NY.   We had an amazing summer last year and were constantly on the go.  We went to Wilmington, NC, Buffalo, NY, The Outer Banks, NC, Michigan, Las Vegas, and Washington DC.   I can only imagine what this summer has in store for us!

One of my favorite pictures of us from last year. 

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