Monday, June 18, 2012

Back at it!

Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  It's time for another week with lots going on.  I'm really loving how my weeks have been so busy lately;  It makes me feel important ;)

My Monday went a little something like this....

Woke up later than usual today and it hard for me to get out of bed!  I think the weekend has finally caught up to me.  Rolled out of bed at 6:20 and got ready for work.  I kissed my fiance goodbye and headed for work close to 7 am.  I worked 7 to 4:30 and while working I manged to run some errands and even relax at the pool for a bit ;) !!   I got home around 5, chatted with my sister on the phone, put on my work out clothes and headed to boot camp!  I didn't go to boot camp Saturday because my fiance wanted to get a run in with me.  Hey, they say compromise makes a great marriage! I go through with drawls when I can't go to my boot camp, so it felt amazing to get back at it tonight!

Boot camp started off with lots of leg work.  We did regular lungs, reverse lunges, reverse lunges with weights, wide lunges, pulse lunges, lunges with a resistance band and jump squats.  We then focused on arms.  My instructor made me up my weights, without choice, so it was very challenging tonight!  I loved every minute of it!  There is something about being pushed that I love so much. We then broke into partners and did lots of sprint work, push ups, sit ups, more lunges with medicine balls, reindeer runs, more jump squats and used the equalizers for our inner legs.  After partners we did whole group sprints and then finished with core.

For dinner I am doing my protein shake that I crave daily.  Not only do I love drinking these protein shakes because they are good for you, but they are AMAZING!  (email me if you want the recipe!)  After boot camp my instructor and I were talking about how these shakes are like our "crack".  We just can't get enough!

I found this quote and thought it was perfect for the week!

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

Push yourself each and every day!

My goals for the week:

1)  Cut back the alcohol, but don't stress over it on special occasions.  
Until I can learn to not put everything in my mouth when I am "buzzed", I am cutting back my alcohol intake :)

2)  Try to have my biggest meal of the day for breakfast and least for dinner.  

I will let you all know how these work for me! 

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