Wednesday, June 6, 2012

laughing, gossiping, and my love.

Last night I had SUCH  a good time with my neighborhood girls.  Sarah made dinner while everyone else brought a bottle of wine.  Lots of wine was consumed by the end of the night!  It was a great night of drinking, laughing, gossiping, sharing love advice, marriage advice, shedding a few tears and laughing some more.  These are my favorite type of nights.  I love to be with my fiance John most of the time, but don't we all love a girls night out here and there?!  John actually travels for work from time to time, so this opens up my schedule for weekly girl nights.   Last night John actually surprised me and came home for the night to spend some QT time with me, since he has been traveling more frequently.  He knew I had girl night planned, but thought after girls night that we could watch our show together and hang out.  Well..... our girls night lasted a lot longer than normal and by the time I got home Johnny was asleep!

My awesome "neighbs!"

Breakfast this summer consisted of fiber one honey squares, sliced up bananas and strawberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!  I have been obsessed with this meal lately.  

Today's workout will be a 60 min hot yoga session that focuses on your core.  My friend and I are going to this class together later tonight and I am slightly nervous because this will be my first time at a HOT yoga session!  (will blog about the workout after!)

Ending this blog with a photo of John to make my day!  Isn't he presh?!

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