Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi all!

Welcome to "sweat and a sundress."  This will be a "semi" daily blog that is about fitness, healthy eating and fashion (my 3 favorite things)!!

The idea of starting a blog came to me one day when I needed that extra motivation to go to the gym, and started looking online for something to push me out the door.  I came across a blog where a girl post every morning about her workouts and what she eats for breakfast.  I thought writing a blog like hers would be a great idea because when people start to follow you, they expect you to get that great workout in and see what you are eating that day!  So, this blog is mostly to motivate myself, but hopefully it can get to the point where it motivates other people.  If you are reading my blog and you find it motivation, please please please email me  ( ) and let me know.  I always love helping other people.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I 26 years old.  Last fall I got engaged to the man of my dreams.  I always knew that when I was going to get married that I wanted to be in great shape.  I want to look back at those photos and say to myself, "Wow, I worked my booty off for that wedding and I think I look good!"  When my fiance proposed, I knew it was time to get focused and work my butt off!  Since I was very young, I have been athletic.  I was pushed to go to practice, tournaments, pick up games, and off season training every day from the ages of 5 until college.  After college I was so sick of working out.  It turned out to be not so much fun anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I would work out when I got the itch, but that itch was maybe once or twice of week.  It wasn't until I moved down South on my own and didn't know anyone in my new city where I found myself bored.  I got that itch again to go in the gym.  I started running more and training for a half marathon.  In that year I ran 6 races, 3 of them being half marathons.  Then, I got sick of running and starting changing up my workouts but wasn't as determined to push myself.  When I got engaged I knew it was time for a lifestyle change and that is where I am now!

Starting in January I started changing how I eat and my mentality of working out.  I wanted to make this change for myself forever.  I was very focused on watching what I was putting in my body and changing my workouts on a daily basis.  I saw the scale go down and my muscles start to show!  I still have things I want to work on, but all in all, I am much happier with myself !  I will write in a later blog more about my experience over the past 6 months, more about myself and tell you a little more about my amazing fiance!


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