Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yummy Pizza!

My Tuesday is going swell!

It started off with some Hot Yoga, like I posted earlier, and then my protein shake was extra creamy today, showered, took my yummy coffee with me in my car and was headed to work training.   Training was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  

I then came home and made the most yummy pizza!  I used a tortilla shell, marina sauce, sliced up a whole tomato, added some shredded cheese, and topped it with some pico.  I am OBSESSED with pico and could eat it on anything!  Once the pizza came out of the oven I added some red pepper and a little hot sauce.  So so so so so tasty!!

After catching up on my show from last night, I will be headed out to my garage for some circuit training. Originally,  I was only going to do hot yoga today, but I just realized I can't make one of my exercises classes Thursday and with having girls over tonight for wine, I figured I might as well utilize my free time.   I plan on doing lots of squats and focusing on my triceps.  My chest and core is so sore from last nights class.  I usually do 6o seconds intense, 30 seconds rest.  

This may be the circuit training program that I will be following today:

jumping jacks
tricep dips
high knees
side plank right
ski jumps
side plank left
tricep extension with free weights
curtsy lunges
sit ups


I am very excited for tonight!  I am having a girls wine tasting night at my house.  I registered for mini wine glasses, and already received them in the mail.  Every girl is bringing a bottle of wine and a description of that wine.  We will taste all the wines and rank which one is our favorite!  Of course we will have the typical wine foods... some cheese, crackers, grapes.  I'll let you know how wine night turns out!

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